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Message: LuxshareTech, Skorpios and POET

I found the following news release from last year: "Skorpios Technologies and LuxshareTech Announce Strategic Partnership to Produce Optical Modules" ( Behind Skorpios stand some very impressive investors, like Cisco, Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom and Semtech.

From this news release, that was published Mar 08, 2022: "LuxshareTech will collaborate with Skorpios to produce compact optical engines with extremely high yield and rapid ramping for high volume mass production due to simplicity of manufacturing process. They will also cooperate on future products such fully integrated 800G/1.6T silicon photonics modules for global customers."

Skorpios is categorized by Lisa Thompson in her ZACK report as a competitor of POET. And now I wonder, what it means that LuxshareTech is working together with Skorpios and POET!


post scriptum: On the same date, Skorpios published a second news release: "Skorpios Technologies and ColorChip Group Announce Strategic Partnership to Produce Optical Modules". In this news release Yigal Ezra, CEO of ColorChip said: "Skorpios' fully integrated optical functionality greatly simplifies our manufacturing and reduces our costs with known good die. Our extensive experience building modules with integrated photonic platforms reaches its ultimate with Skorpios' product. We believe that Skorpios' Silicon Photonics technology combined with our multi-million-unit annual capacity will help the industry to enable single mode transceiver pricing at 50 cents per gigabit for 200G, 400G and beyond." (

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